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Title: Kinin B2 receptor can play a neuroprotective role in Alzheimer's disease
Authors: Caetano, Ariadiny de Lima
Dong-Creste, Káris Ester
Gomes, Fábio Agostini do Amaral
Silva, Karla Cristina Monteiro da
Pesquero, João Bosco
Araujo, Mariana da Silva
Montor, Wagner Ricardo
Viel, Tânia Araújo
Buck, Hudson de Sousa
Keywords: Alzheimer's disease
Amyloid beta
B2 receptor
Knockout mice
Issue Date: Oct-2015
Publisher: Neuropeptides
Citation: Caetano AL, Dong-Creste KE, Amaral FA, Monteiro-Silva KC, Pesquero JB, Araujo MS, Montor WR, Viel TA, Buck HS. Kinin B2 receptor can play a neuroprotective role in Alzheimer's disease. Neuropeptides. 2015; 53:51-62.
Abstract: Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized by cognitive decline, presence of amyloid-beta peptide (Aβ) aggregates and neurofibrillary tangles. Kinins act through B1 and B2 G-protein coupled receptors (B1R and B2R). Chronic infusion of Aβ peptide leads to memory impairment and increases in densities of both kinin receptors in memory processing areas. Similar memory impairment was observed in C57BL/6 mice (WTAβ) but occurred earlier in mice lacking B2R (KOB2Aβ) and was absent in mice lacking B1R (KOB1Aβ). Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the participation of B1R and B2R in Aβ peptide induced cognitive deficits through the evaluation of densitiesof kinin receptors, synapses, cell bodies and number of Aβ deposits in brain ofWTAβ, KOB1Aβ and KOB2Aβ mice. An increase in B2R density was observed in both WTAβ and KOB1Aβ in memory processing related areas. KOB1Aβ showed a decrease in neuronal density and an increase in synaptic density and, in addition, an increase in Aβ deposits in KOB2Aβ was observed. In conclusion, memory preservation in KOB1Aβ, could be due to the increase in densities of B2R, suggesting a neuroprotective role for B2R, reinforced by the increased number of Aβ plaques in KOB2Aβ. Our data point to B2R as a potential therapeutic target in AD.
ISSN: 0143-4179
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